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MIGHTY MOM Workouts are the most effective way to see positive change in your body before, during and after pregnancy.


Whether you are taking a class or training one on one or online, the MIGHTY MOM approach to fitness helps you build strength, endurance and confidence through resistance training.  A Mighty Mom class is unlike any other POSTPARTUM or PRENATAL workout! Just because you had a baby or are expecting doesn't mean you can't work up a great sweat!! Let's get STRONG together!!!

Postpartum Classes are a mix up of resistance training, cardiovascular intervals, CORE strengthening (very important for new moms) and stretching.  Our little ones will be part of fun as we build strength, endurance and burn major calories! Learn how high intensity exercise can be safe for all stages of the postpartum journey with skilled instruction and workouts designed for maximum effectiveness! If you love a challenge.. this is the class for you!! Great music and positive energy will guarantee that you leave feeling amazing (even if your little one kept you up the night before) All fitness abilities welcome! Recommended for MOMS with little ones 6 weeks and up!  We promise you will leave feeling STRONGER than when you walked in!!

Private Training is available in Midtown Toronto. Contact Jess for info/rates


Jessica Sennet


Hi!!! My name is Jessica Sennet and I'm a Prenatal and Postpartum fitness specialist and my passion is helping mamas finding their inner and and outer strength through exercise. As I approach 10 years in this industry, I've worked with hundred's of mamas through my classes and private sessions.  As a new mom myself,  I COMPLETELY understand the struggle of being new mom and figuring out how to add exercise into a busy schedule.  It's so hard!! My two boy are my source of inspiration and I want to build an amazing business so they can be proud of me....(and to show them that MAMA is a Badass) I love what I do and am looking forward to meeting you in a class real soon!!  
Jessica is a Certified Personal Trainer, Fit for Birth Corrective Exercise Specialist, Oh BABY Fitness Instructor and a graduate of many specialized workshops and seminars in Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness. 

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