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The                         Home Workout Program is HERE! 
A 6 Month Progressive ONLINE Home Workout Program
Designed To Challenge EVERYONE!




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Equipment Needed:
Mini Bands

This Program 

Is For You If

  • you are tired of the gym and want something different

  • you are motivated to exercise but have no idea what to do

  • you don't have 'time' to workout or take fitness classes

  • you want a challenge and are ready to shake things up

  • you have just given birth and are ready to get back into exercise

  • you have never strength trained before and need some guidance

  • you are ready to commit to your health and fitness

  • you are are ready to make yourself a priority! 


  • An automated monthly workout program delivered right to your inbox

  • 3 - 30min workouts per week - new 4 week program every month! 

  • Detailed descriptions and exercise video instruction included

  • Accountability emails to keep you motivated

  • Postpartum Modifications included! Perfect for NEW MAMAS!

  • Equipment: Dumbells and Mini Bands - See suggestions below

  • Workouts can be done anywhere and anytime!

  • Program progresses every month to get you results

  • Client profile in TRUECOACH APP included

  • BONUS - CORE BREATHING DEMO video instruction in your first month

  • All workouts designed by ME - a prenatal/postpartum fitness specialist 

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Ready to get started? Click the button below to purchase your plan.  Once your payment and info has been received, there will be a link to fill out your online waiver BEFORE you begin your program.  You will then receive an invitation to create your client profile in the TRUECOACH App. That's it! You'll start getting your workouts for the week on Sunday! 


Questions? Reach out to Jess at


When will my program start?

The program starts on a Monday. Once you purchase, you will receive your workouts on the following Monday.

What equipment do I need and where do I get it?

This is program uses Dumbells and Mini bands - I suggest starting with a lighter set for your upper body exercises and a heavier set for your lower body exercises. If you are buying your dumbell for this program, a good place to start is a set of 5lbs and a set of 8s or 10s. You can buy heavier as you need them. You will not need your mini bands until the 3rd month of the program so you can wait on buying them for a while. If you are located in Toronto and Area, FITNESS DEPOT sells Dumbells for 88cents a pound which is the most affordable option I've found. You can also go to any big box store like Walmart, Canadian Tire or Home Depot. You can also order Dumbells on Amazon but beware of expensive delivery fees. Mini Bands can be ordered on Amazon for as low as $7 a set - stay tuned here as I'll be offering my own branded min bands in the next few months.


Truecoach is an online program that helps trainers and clients work together. It is specifically designed to send workouts to clients with a simple, user friendly interface. If you have an iphone, you can use the free app to track your workouts.

Can I cancel?

If you purchase a Month to Month Membership you can cancel at any time. If you purchase the entire 6 month program in a one time payment, there are no cancellations or refunds.

I have an injury. Can I do this program?

This program has many modifications built into the program but it doesn't have everything. The modifications are mostly designed for clients with Core Dysfunction or need a less intense option. If you have a specifc limitation, you may be better off signing up for the Personalized Online Training Program.

Young Woman in the Gym

I worked out with Jess after my first kid, and her classes were amazing—really fun, really educational, and really challenging! I have been looking forward to her classes basically since I got pregnant with my second. I was really nervous about injuries, having had a c-section and overall just a harder pregnancy, and was worried about not being able to interact in person. Jess was amazing, talking me through modifications, pacing myself, and rebuilding my strength. I love that there are videos to help me see the proper way to do each exercise while I’m at home. Even after a few weeks I can feel changes in my posture and energy levels, and my jeans are already fitting a lot better :) I can’t wait to go to classes in person again!

Esther M.

I recently started the Mighty Mom program and am really enjoying it! It’s the perfect length of workout to do after putting the kids to bed and is challenging while still being do-able. Best of all, it takes the decision making out of my workouts - I just load up my instructions for the day, put on my music and go!

Corinne M.

Before I started training with Jess I was extremely intimidated by high intensity workouts and strength training, but Jess makes her workouts doable. Working out with Jess I am able to push myself further than I ever expected, while being pain free and safe postpartum. The app is easy to follow with helpful videos every step of the way, and Jess has planned efficient workouts that are delivered three times a week. The best part? While my baby sleeps I can get a killer workout!”

Kate C.

Personalized Online Training
Want something more customized?
My Personalized Online Training Program is completely designed around You!!!
This is the closest way to get one on one coaching without actually being in the room with you! If you are motivated to work hard but just need to know what to do, THIS IS THE PROGRAM FOR YOU! I'll be with you every step of the way! Great for clients with injuries, prenatal women, couples, or anyone needing a program that will take them to the next level.


  • Customized Workout Plan based on your goals, equipment, schedule and ability

  • Full Exercise Video Library and instructions

  • 24/7 direct messaging with ME - for any questions you may have along the way

  • Accountability emails and motivational support

  • Monthly Check ins and the ability to upload videos to assess technique and form

  • 60 min Initial Fitness Consultation Included

  • Prenatal and Postpartum Programs available

  • Membership in TRUECOACH APP

COST: Plans start at $125/month plus HST - NO COMMITMENT 

If you are interested in a personalized program, reach out to Jess to set up a time to chat. 

Young Woman in the Gym

Jess' online programs are challenging, thoughtful, and efficient. I love that I get to talk with Jess about my personal goals, and make adjustments as needed. The app for the program is easy to use and I love that I don't have to think about what I'm going to do to workout, I just follow the super clear videos and instructions. Jess is responsive and supportive and honestly, having an online program with Jess gives me the support I need to parent and work in the current stressful times.

Meredith M.

I’ve been working with Jess for 2 years. She is extremely knowledgeable, caring and easy to work with. When I first started my fitness journey with her I was 4 months postpartum. I was feeling out of shape and not happy with my overall health. Jess took the time to really understand my situation and goals. We worked together and created a plan that was tailored to my needs. I’ve done in person training and have been doing online training for awhile now. Every month we touch base and talk about what’s working and what changes I would like to see. With COVID 19, we had to move to in home workouts. Jess was quick to adapt and she has been creative in adjusting the workouts based on my surroundings. I’ve worked with other trainers in the past and with Jess I feel like she truly cares about my health and ensures I’m getting the most from my workouts!

Alisa O.

Simply put, I’m loving the program! You have done an amazing job at capturing my likes/dislikes and my overall approach to fitness. Can’t thank you enough for your keen ability to listen and subsequently implement a program that is quick, easy to follow and most of all effective. Thank you!!!!

Suzy H.

Jess’ personalized training program is excellent. I’m super happy I started working out with Jess. Her programs are varied, challenging, and supportive of my individual goals. I love that I don’t have to plan a workout, it’s all planned for me, and I know it’s just what I need because it's personalized and Jess is super experienced.

Sarah D.

​Private sessions include warm up, full body workout based on your ability and then a targeted mobility session.  All the benefits of private training except I’m not in the room with you - We use any video messaging program to get you the most effective working in the least amount of time.  30min or 60min sessions and packages available - Contact Jess for more info and pricing.


Jess' online programs are challenging, thoughtful, and efficient. I love that I get to talk with Jess about my personal goals, and make adjustments as needed. The app for the program is easy to use and I love that I don't have to think about what I'm going to do to workout, I just follow the super clear videos and instructions. Jess is responsive and supportive and honestly, having an online program with Jess gives me the support I need to parent and work in the current stressful times. Sarah D

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