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Labor is an athletic event! This 6 week program is focused on getting you strong and ready for one of the biggest days of your life. Join Jess as you learn how to engage your functional CORE throughout every phase of your pregnancy, build strength and endurance and reduce the risks of postpartum complications such as Diastasis Recti or Pelvic Floor Dysfunction.  


This is a program unlike any other - train with purpose while connecting with other women who are also expecting. In such uncertain times, let's build a community to help support each other through this extraordinary journey.  

The Details

  • One Weekly ZOOM Live or Recorded Prenatal Workout (Core Breathing, Workout + Stretch) designed for the members of the group - Saturdays at 9:30am

  • Weekly Group Zoom Hangout after the Workout

  • Client Profile in TrueCoach App

  • 2 Additional weekly workouts delivered through the TrueCoach App (based on needs of the group)

  • Workouts suitable for ALL trimesters - appropriate modifications included


VALUE = $200+

BONUS #1Direct Messaging and Exercise Video analysis for support from me for the length of the program ($150)

BONUS #2 - Private FB Group to connect with members of the program ($100)

BONUS #3 - Exclusive Access to Prenatal Expert Presentations throughout the program($150) Ex Pelvic Physios, Labor Nurse, Sleep and Lactation Consultant 

BONUS #4 - Semi-Private Birth Preparation Tutorial by Zoom Video chat with Jess at 34 weeks plus ($100)


Live Class/Workouts = $200​

Message Support = $150

FB Group = $100

Prenatal Experts = $150

Birth Prep = $100



PRICE = $297 plus HST

for 6 weeks

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Can't make the workout time? Don't worry! You’ll automatically receive a full class recording each week so you can workout later at your convenience. If you are showing up live,  turn your video camera on if you’d like technical cues, or turn your video camera off for privacy during the workout.  We will build an online community to help keep us connected in such uncertain times.  


Questions? Contact Jess for more info.


When can I enrol in the Program?

It is never too early or too late to add exercise into your life! This program is designed for 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimesters and all levels of exercise ability. Jessica will create workouts based on the needs of the group and help you work at a pace that makes sense for you!


Truecoach is an online program that helps trainers and clients work together. It is specifically designed to send workouts to clients with a simple, user friendly interface. If you have an iphone, you can use the free app to track your workouts.

What equipment do I need?

You do NOT need a bunch of fancy equipment at home to do this program!! Jessica designs the workouts to use whatever equipment you already have at home Ex. a few Dumbells or workout bands. If you do not have any equipment, a few household items can be substituted if needed. Ex water bottles, books etc. If you would like to invest in some equipment, you might consider two sets of dumbells, one light and one heavier(5s and 10s) and a resistance band with handles.

I have never worked out before. Is this program right for me?

YES!! Jessica has worked with all exercise abilities and knows to modify the workouts so it is challenging for everyone enrolled in the class.

I have to miss a LIVE workout. What happens?

Every live workout is recorded and sent to the whole group. You will have access to the workout for 2 weeks and can do it on you own time!

I don't see my question here.

Feel free to reach out Jess anytime! Email her at




My son, Maceo (pic attached) was born last Monday and I felt so much more prepared for labour than I would have otherwise without your program. I laboured for a relatively short time as a first-timer and pushing took 15 minutes! Everyone was very impressed, including myself! I felt strong and capable in no small part because of your program. Thanks again and I hope I can join your mighty mom program soon when I’m healed up and given the green light.

PRENATAL - 66.jpg


This program was exactly what I needed for prenatal fitness and exceeded my expectations. I expected something that would keep me motivated and moving during my pregnancy but I also got a community of expecting moms to connect with and stress and anxiety relief each week. The workouts were challenging but fun. I felt more connected to my body and pregnancy because of Jess’s expertise. The icing on the cake was learning from different pregnancy/postpartum experts almost every week at the end of the live workouts. I found both a postpartum nutritionist and made an appointment with a pelvic floor physiotherapist because of what I learned in this program. Learning and practicing the core breathing and staying active with workouts prepared me for labour and - I believe - contributed to helping me push my baby out in 15 minutes as a first-time mom. The doctors and nurses were very impressed with my short labour and birth! I cannot recommend this program highly enough to pregnant folks who want to connect with their changing bodies and feel strong and prepared for labour  

PRENATAL - 66.jpg


Prior to my pregnancy I was a gym member who didn't really believe in online exercise programs.  With the pandemic came some major changes and adjustments.  I wanted to remain active in a safe environment.  I stumbled upon Jessica through a webinar and was immediately drawn to her positive energy and honest approach to fitness.  

Live prenatal exercises classes were held every Saturday and through Jessica's hosting I looked forward to discussing concerns and frustrations with other moms who were going through the same thing.  Furthermore, Jess was able to have some informative and expert guests to join us.  I found myself incredibly motivated through the group workouts and that motivation continued on through the rest of the week with the TrueCoach app. 

The app included a variety of exercises with specific modifications linked to my pregnancy.  Whenever I was unsure of a certain exercise I quickly uploaded a video of myself and received instant feedback from Jess through the app.  I look forward to continuing my training with Jessica as she has demonstrated an incredible work ethic and she truly cares about her clients emotional and physical goals.  

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