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Same great Mighty Mom class but transplanted outside in the sunshine!  Bring your little ones along as we use bodyweight and bands to get a great sweat.  This class is challenging for ALL stages of postpartum recovery and all exercise abilities.  Recommended for babies 6 weeks and up! 


***COVID 19 - All classes will remain physically distant with members staying 2m apart at ALL times.  All equipment will be properly sanitized BEFORE and AFTER class! 

MY ONLY RULE: Whatever works for you and your baby works for me!! - Seriously! If you need to hold a baby in one hand and bicep curl in the other - You DO You.  This class is challenging for ALL levels of exercise ability and always safe for all stages of the postpartum recovery process! Even if you are dealing with any core dysfunction(diastasis recti, prolapse etc). You will get a great sweat no matter what!

MEETING SPOT - We will meet just in front of the Restrooms - (different from last year) They are located in the middle of the park closer to south side.  It isn't a big park so you will see us for sure.  For the 11:30 class - I'll run over to grab you guys after I finish with the first group! 


CLASS DETAILS - Our class will last approx 45-50 minutes - We will be staying 2 m apart at all times and if we use bands in the class, they will be sanitized BEFORE AND AFTER CLASS.  If you have your own mini band or band with handles, feel free to bring it.  We will spend the first part of the class up on our feet working on strength or cardio based exercises. I'll try to keep the stroller moving as much as possible.  For the last 10-15 min - we will be down on our mats finishing off the workout and stretching.  This is where the little ones can come out of the stroller and join you on the mat.  


WHAT TO BRING: Mat/towel that can get a bit dirty, WATER (for you and the little one), toys and snacks for the little ones to keep them happy AND feel free to come to the class without your little ones as well - This is a class for all moms! 


WAIVER - To avoid paper contact on the day, please make sure to go to my website and fill out the online WAIVER before class the first day.  You can find it HERE

MAKE UP CLASS - If you have to miss class, you will able to join in to one VIRTUAL CLASS on your own schedule.  The ONLINE CLASS runs TUESDAYS at 11:30am and is recorded and sent out if you are unable to attend.  More details about the class HERE

The Details

Where: June Rowlands Park - Mount Pleasant and Davisville

When: Thursdays at 11:30am

Cost: 4 weeks for $80.00 plus HST

DROP IN - $25

Session starts October 8 - October 29th

When you sign up, please indicate which time slot you are interested in.


This popular class is BACK!!!  Put the kids down and join us for a great workout in the park!! It's a mix up of strength training, cardio endurance and core work! All levels welcome! 


  ***COVID 19 - All classes will remain physically distant with members staying 2m apart at ALL times.  All equipment will be properly sanitized BEFORE and AFTER class!   

The Details

Where: Eglinton Park

When: Wednesdays at 8:00 pm (approx 45min)

Cost: $20 plus HST - DROP IN ONLY! 

Class size is limited to 15! Spots fill up early! 

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